Our Story

Find out the story of me, randombrit, and how I decided to create such an awesome community!


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Once upon a time...

randombrit.com originally started after myself and a few friends decided to create our own trading group to help ourselves find traders that we would be able to trade with to make a profit on CSGO. After a few weeks of starting our Discord server, we had managed to accumulate a small number of traders and we were very happy with what we had achieved. It was soon after we gained around 100 members we decided that we could make the server a hub for all traders to find each other. I created the relevant social media accounts and advertised across all social media platforms to create awareness. The server gained great attention over time and has reached a huge number of traders far more than we could ever expect and we are now expanding even further into more games in a hope to provide a fun and safe trading environment for every trader across the world. We hope to forever expand into the largest trading community offering new and exciting platforms and opportunities for everyone.

Meet The Team



Hi, I’m randombrit the founder of randombrit.com. I strive to provide a safe trading environment and build a community for all traders around the world to feel they belong.


Server Manager

Hi , Im ShadyJay, as server manager my job is to ensure our community kept clean from scammers and safe for all our traders at all times.



Hi, my name is Select™ and I am an Admin in RandomBrit’s CSGO Trading server. I have been trading in CSGO skins since 2014 and I love to help the community!