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Running a community with lots of giveaways can be costly and therefore we would like to thank every single person who helps contribute to keep us going! With your help we are coming closer to creating a trading environment which is completely safe for everyone! If you would like to help contribute to the server, take a look below to see how you can help today!


Support us via patreon and recieve awesome benefits within the server! Fully automated and custom to you monthly!


Dont feel like signing up for a patreon? Use PayPal to send money and make sure to leave a note so I can thank you!


Want to send in your skins to help support the giveaways? Use my steam trade link to send skins and I'll give them away!

CSGO Knife Giveaway

Each month a server wide Knife giveaway is unlocked when we reach our membership goal! So go head become a member today!

Membership Goal

Hall Of Fame

  • @Commissar Isakovich#0948 – $500
  • @Cupcake Ria#2002 – $50
  • @Bullseye#8200 – $49
  • @Ti Rone – – $25
  • @Vue_steam#5710 – $23
  • @Kr.#1703 – $22
  • @Select™#4052 – $20
  • @Matroix#6713 – $16
  • @FranklyFaye#3423 – $15
  • @mister man#5898 – $15
  • @ThePotatoTurtle#8600 – $14
  • @Pysik#7841 – $13
  • @Stefan575#6883 – $10
  • @Vipes#0001 – $10
  • @ooga booga#9384 – $5
  • @LackOfTalentTV#0001 – $5
  • @Joey#2034 – $5
  • @kalek#2768 – $5
  • @fovv10#9004 – $4
  • @DreaM#5647 – $3
  • @PluTiper#4680 – $3
  • @BOCO 💖🎅#5270 – $2
  • @Twipel#2102 – $2
  • @CausticJ#8676 – $1.50
  • @xyz.#5647 – $1
  • @Fiuzen#3538 – $1


RandomBrit’s CSGO Trading Community is the largest dedicated CSGO trading discord, and that is because of the support of all you traders who use the service. Running such a large community and ensuring the safety of everyone doesn’t come easy. Therefore I am hugely grateful for the countless hours that my dedicated staff team volunteer. In addition, It just wouldn’t be possible without the help of your donations that keep the websites running and the giveaways coming.

For that reason, we offer a premium membership for all our supporters. This helps us to cover the cost of keeping the server going, whilst rewarding them with awesome server wide benefits.

Active membership benefits:

  • Membership Only Text and Voice Channel!
  • Membership Only Server Role!
  • Membership Exclusive Giveaways!
  • Your name in the Hall Of Fame!
  • Exclusive Self Assignable Roles!
  • Exclusive Self Assignable Colours!
  • Ability to change nicknames freely!
  • Reduced screenshot bot timer!
  • More benefits to come!

To become a member, simply donate today! For every $5 donated, 1 month of membership will be activated on your account. Any single donation valued over $100 will activate a lifetime membership and will receive additional lifetime perks!